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Harley Quinn Season 2 (TV series) Overview

Harley Quinn Season 2 (TV series) Episode 1 Watch Online

Harley Quinn Season 2 (TV series) Episode 5 Watch Online the series exploits of in episode 5, Harley Quinn after breaking up with the Joker and forms her own crew consisting of Poison Ivy, Clayface, Doctor Psycho, King Shark, and C Borgman in an attempt to join the posse. 

When he finally achieves this goal, he continues to face problems with the Joker, and he inadvertently distances himself from his new friends who deny Harley's idea of becoming an observer on his own. 

In Harley Quinn Season 1 finale, the Joker manages to take over Gotham, only to be defeated by Harley and his crew. In one final act of vengeance, he destroys the entire city, resulting in the apparent deaths of both him and Batman.

In the Harley Quinn Season 2, Gotham City is separated from the rest of the United States, allowing the newly formed Injustice League to handle and divide the ruins of Gotham. When he refuses Harley to join, she works with his crew to take them down one by one, telling Gotham to claim it for himself. 

Meanwhile, both the Joker and Batman are found alive, with the former no longer perceptive and no memory of his old self while the latter, unable to fight crime due to his injuries, sees Batgirl as his temporary replacement as Gotham's defender Gives a name until it is cured in this Harley Quinn Season 2.


Original Network DC Universe
Episode No. 5 Batman's Back Man
Directed by Juan Meza-Leon
Written by Sarah Nevada Smith
Arrived Date May 1, 2020
Number of Episodes in the Season 13
Creator Justin Halpern, Dean Lorey, Patrick Schumacker
Genre Animation | Action | Adventure | Comedy | Crime | Fantasy | Mystery

Harley Quinn Season 2 (TV series) Episode 

5:- Batman's Back Man

Harley Quinn Episode 5 TV Series Watch Online

Harley Quinn Season 2, As the only injustice left the league members, Two-Face and Bain decide to team up to stand a better chance against Harley, but both disagree on how to label their joint organization. Meanwhile, a recovering Bruce Wayne is desperate to pick up the cowl again, despite his butler, Alfred Pennyworth advising him to rest and heal. 

When she realizes that Batwoman is fighting the criminals, Bruce becomes concerned that she is giving Gotham a false sense of hope and that if she does something happen, she will die, so she tells Lucius Fox of his injuries. To make up for it, a high-tech Bat suit works. Batman initially has the upper hand in the fight, but he suffers more injuries while fighting Bain before being rescued by Bain and Alfred, the latter also adopting a vigilante macaroni. 

Realizing the value of being Batgirl around, Batman tells Commissioner Gordon to work with him while he focuses on recovering. Meanwhile, a distraught Bain nearly kills To-Face to leave him from their partnership, but later offers him a pit in the desert that he wants to keep him happy.

Harley Quinn Season 2 Cast & Crew

Kaley CuocoHarley Quinn
Lake BellPoison Ivy
Ron FunchesKing Shark
Tony HaleDoctor Psycho, Felix Faust
Jason AlexanderSy Borgman
J. B. SmooveFrank the Plant
Alan Tudykthe Joker, Clayface, Calendar Man, Doctor Trap, Condiment King.
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